Aldnia Doara – Film Premiere & Vernissage 16. Mai 19:30 im Theater X

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How does society view refugees, and how does the established media show/ represent them. What pictures are we dealing with, and which images are reproduced, do we reproduce ourselves. Which voices are heard and how do they sound? What is the emotional connection?

With our Project Intermedia we used a combination of investigative art and performative journalism to explore and search for answers to these questions. To transform the role of those normally seen as the objects of portrayal of art and journalism, to being its creative subjects. What emerged can be seen in this third edition of our E Magazine Aldnia Doara.

‘Flüch-tige Gefühle’ or ‘Fleeing/ fleeting Emotions’ is a social experiment film that asked people in a park to paint the inner emotions of refugees, and thier revealing commetary about what they drew.

‘Flügel für den Schmetterling’ or ‘Wings for the Butterfly’ is a personal film essay describing the dibilitating effects of and the recovery from Female Genital Mutilation, not from the culturalist perspective of western media but through the experience from those who suffer and struggle to live a full life.

‘Avoiding the blame’ is a docufiction film using a fusion of theater and film to investigate the unequal exchange betewen the colonizing west and its colonized victims, in order to get to a deeper understanding of the blame that the west has in the inequality that leads to crisis and the creation of refugees today.