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Objective Dialogues Y-Table  
A Vehicle for Collaborative Narration Building
The Objective Dialogues Y-Table was developed by The Anxious Prop (AXP) on the occasion of the Wasteland Twinning Network Forum 2012 in Berlin at the ZK/U (Center for Art and Urbanistics). http://wasteland-twinning.net/forum/retrospective/objective-dialogues/

In 2013 Objective Dialogues has continued, building micro-histories around objects in collaboration with new groups such the JTB/Grenzen Los!. Young theatre players were asked to bring objects with personal or imagined stories together for improvised theatre workshops as part of an ongoing creative process.  Build on the initial workshop Hör zu! in which the Objective Dialogues methodology was introduced to the JTB/Grenzen-Los!, our second workshop focused on the cultural objects from Moabit. These objects were used as a triggers to speculate about the real and fictional history of the district, as relational elements in creating the dramaturgy and above all as activated props inside 3-minute pieces that we developed on site.

This clip documents a small part of the first workshop:

Our final piece will be presented this summer at ZK/U and later in october in FESTIWALLA at Haus der Kulturen der Welt.


Objective Dialogues Workshop at ZKU Image Alex Head02(Foto: Alex Head)


Objective Dialogues Workshop at ZKU Image Alex Head01(Foto: Alex Head)


Objective Dialogues Y-Table, WTNF, 2012 Image Robyn Taylor(Foto: Robyn Taylor)


Objective Dialogues Y-Table, WTNF, 2012 Image Jens Wunderling(Foto: Jens Wunderling)


(The Y-Table was originally designed by Luis Berríos-Negrón, Elín Hansdóttir, Mendel Heit, and Fotini Lazaridou Hazigoga for “The Anxious Prop Case 3: The Black Swan Issue” at Salon Populair, Berlin, on October 4, 2010)